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In the Heart of the Down Town Medicine Park

Stay in this picturesque little mountain town revered as the "Jewel of the Southwest". Situated just outside the gates to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge the Plantation Inn is just a quick 10 minute drive to Lawton/Fort Sill

The Plantation Inn

The twenty room Plantation Inn was rebuilt in 2009 on the original foundation of the old Oklahoma Press Association's Clubhouse opened in 1916. Using old photographs the building was reconstructed to get as close to the original exterior specifications as possible. Giving this unique lodging the conveniences of today with the charm of yesteryear! 

SMP_029 copy.jpg

Red & Green Door Cabins

The Red and Green Door Cabins are conveniently located downtown on Tin Can Alley just behind the outdoor main stage. These newly remodeled cabins, with their two person max capacity, are perfect for a couples get away.



Founded in 1908, Medicine Park quickly grew to become one of Americas premier resort communities. Attracting the elite and infamous alike the colorful history is still the talk of town. With a creek that runs through the middle of town and the natural beauty it is continuing to be discovered by a new generation of families and outdoor enthusiasts.

The History


The two-story press association building had a concrete foundation with cobblestones set into the concrete support columns, finished with wood framing and a screened-in second floor with a roof top garden. The facility was opened April 24,1916. The ground floor was used as a common area for socializing and the second floor was furnished with cots in sleeping areas with bedding. Lodging was available for members only. Men slept on one side of the large open room, while women slept on the other.

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